Solar Energy Investment

We are committed to providing innovative energy solutions to meet the needs of our clients throughout the country. Our focus is on delivering high-quality and efficient energy solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of each individual client. We specialize in on-grid and off-grid solar solutions, as well as battery backup systems. 

On grid solar systems

On-grid solar is a system that uses solar panels to generate electricity and is connected to the main power grid through CEB or LECO schemes, allowing users to produce their own energy and potentially reduce their electricity bills to zero or minimize them. Any excess power generated can be sold back to the utility provider, such as CEB or LECO, further enhancing cost savings and promoting renewable energy use.

On grid solar PV solutions for CEB/LECO schemes

Consumer has to pay only for the net amount of electricity consumed during a month. If the solar electricity supplied to the grid is more than the electricity consumption during a month, the balance amount can be carried forward to future. No payment will be made for the excess electricity supplied over the consumption under this scheme.

If the generated units of electricity using the solar panels fixed on houses/premises are greater than the amount consumed, the excess will be paid at the rate of Rs.37.00 by the Utility Provider.

If the consumption is greater than the generated units, the consumer has to pay at the existing electricity tariff for the excess electricity consumed.

Net Plus Scheme
This involves getting paid for the amount of electricity generated using the solar panels fixed on the premises. Unlike the net metering method there is no linkage between the electricity consumption of the customer and the electricity generation. Two separate meters will be installed to measure import and export of electricity separately.

The customer has to pay for the electricity consumed according to the existing tariff whilst the Utility Provider will pay for the total amount of electricity the customer generates.

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Off grid solar Systems

An off grid solar system permits electricity to be harnessed by solar panels and stored inside a battery without direct connection to the utility grid, providing an independent power supply to your home or business.

Basically, an off-grid solar system is a novel innovation which provides you independent energy harnessed by the sun.  An off-grid solar system is made up of the following components.

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Electric mobility

LK Troincs has ventured into the electric mobility industry as a response to the high demand for gas alternatives in the country. Currently, the company is focused on research and development to convert three-wheelers, a common mode of transportation in Sri Lanka, into electric three-wheelers. Our team of skilled engineers and technicians is dedicatedly working towards ensuring a smooth and efficient conversion process to provide clients with high-quality end products. LK Tronics understands the significance of a seamless transition to electric vehicles and aims to simplify the conversion process for its clients.

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