Meet Our Team

Providing solutions for Automated relating systems, off-grid solar systems and undertaking innovation & research projects.

The Story of LK Tronics

This story begins with two university friends, bonding over their shared love for electronics and automation. As a result ‘LK Tronics’ came to life in 2017, providing products and services to small scale R&D projects on electronics and automation. As the company began to expand, LK Tronics found themselves leading a group of passionate individuals who shared their vision for the future of electronics and automation. Through hard work and dedication, LK Tronics soon became a leading supplier in their respective field, known for their innovative products and services with excellent customer care. Today, the company has expanded their portfolio to solar PV solutions, IoT and embedded systems and 3D Printing Laser engraving. LK Tronics is committed to helping small businesses and individual hobbyists bring their own electronic dreams to life as they thrive to become the top tier electronics and automation solutions provider in Sri Lanka.